VIDEO: Tanner Hendrickson X Xanadu

Tanner Hendrickson has been putting in some hours riding his favorite Xanadu models in varying conditions. Check this sick video filmed by Jensen Young Sik.

Boards Ridden:

– 5’11” x 18.4″ x 2.22″
– 5’11” x 18.4″ x 2.25″

– 5’8″ x 19″ x 2.25″

– 6’4″ x 18.5″ x 2.32″
– 6’2″ x 18.32″ x 2.25″

– 5’10” x 18.4″ x 2.22″

Video: Alex Ribeiro

Alex Ribeiro, Brazilian Xanadu team rider talks about ( in Portuguese ) and rips on the popular mid wave performance Xank Model.

Xanadu x The Xank – Featured on Waves Magazine Australia

The Xank Model has been featured on the Waves Magazine Australia website. Oney Anwar takes it for a ride a breaks down it’s features. Give it a watch.

Check out the full article here.

Xanadu Surf Designs - Xank Model

NEWS: Hans Hagen Swings by the office to pick up his new XANK

Hans was pretty amped to get his new small wave shred stick! The XANK is the future of high performance surfing.

Hans with his new 6'0" Xank

Board Discussion: Xank

Posts your comments about the new board the X11. Ask questions about the new high performance shape from Xanadu.