Tanner Hendrickson on his X16

Here is a quick clip of Tanner Hendrickson throwing around his X16. For more info about the X16 Model, click here.


Click image to view video.

Step Off!

A couple of Xanadu step off boards recently made. Order yours today! Yeww!


Xanadu x The Xank – Featured on Waves Magazine Australia

The Xank Model has been featured on the Waves Magazine Australia website. Oney Anwar takes it for a ride a breaks down it’s features. Give it a watch.

Check out the full article here.

Xanadu Surf Designs - Xank Model

Tonino Benson South of the Border- SURFLINE

Thanks to Surfline for posting some destroyed lips, thanks to Xanadu’s own Tonino Benson!
View photos and video on surfline.com.

Xanadu Interviewed

ReCal Mag interviewed Xanadu recently. Xanadu explains the concept behind the ‘art shape’, Xanko.

News: Tonino Benson Stops By

Tonino came in today and got two X16s for Brazil, and one Xianz. All boards are 5’10” weapons for the WQS brazil leg. Good luck Tonino!

tonino benson - xanadu