Alex Ribeiro Surfing Small Waves in France

Quick reel of Alex Ribeiro surfing small waves in France. Alex is riding a few of our small wave high performance models.

Tanner Hendrickson on his X16

Here is a quick clip of Tanner Hendrickson throwing around his X16. For more info about the X16 Model, click here.


Click image to view video.

X16 Model Goes Well for Bobby

Hey Xanadu,

I hope all is well man!
My X-16’s are working insane!!!
I’ll send a few pics in separate emails (internet is very slow here).
Also, I think you are still in Cali…I’m gonna call in an hour or so
to order a board.


Bobby Hudson – Owner
Santa Catalina Surf Shop
Santa Catalina, Veraguas, Panama
(507) 6963-0831


VIDEO: In Strange Places featuring Tonino Benson

Sick little video featuring Tonino Benson killing it in Mexico, riding the X16 Model.

xanadu x16 model

Board Discussion: X16

Posts your comments about the new board the X16. Ask questions about the new high performance shape from Xanadu.