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xanadu surfboards nitz model

The Nitz came about at the request of all our loyal Pig 2 riders who wanted a Pig 2 that would translate to larger surf. The Nitz is extremely versatile and performs well in larger waves shoulder high to 2 feet overhead. Think of it as a Pig 2 - Step Up for surfers that want a board that is easy to ride and paddle in when the surf gets bigger.

The Nitz features a rounder outline, but has a really pulled in pin tail allowing for tight arcing turns toward the lip, barrel riding, and getting into waves early. The foil, the rocker, the slightly harder rails, and the bottom contour result in a board that will be very easy to ride in larger surf.

When Xanadu set out to make this board, his intention was to make a user friendly bigger wave board that would get in to waves. The result is a "step down" that bags pits and goes vert with ease. As far as sizing goes, the 5'11" has all ready been tested in double over head Lances Rights, and the 6'2" has been tested in well double overhead blacks, so don't be afraid to order this board the same size as your short board. Just point it and charge.

Recommended size range is 5'10" to 7'0".


  • HEIGHT: 6'0" | WIDTH: 19.38" | THICKNESS: 2.39"
  • HEIGHT: 6'2" | WIDTH: 19.50" | THICKNESS: 2.39"
  • HEIGHT: 6'3" | WIDTH: 19.75" | THICKNESS: 2.39"
  • HEIGHT: 6'5" | WIDTH: 20" | THICKNESS: 2.50"
  • HEIGHT: 6'7" | WIDTH: 20.25" | THICKNESS: 2.50"
  • HEIGHT: 6'9" | WIDTH: 20.50" | THICKNESS: 2.63"
  • HEIGHT: 7'1" | WIDTH: 20.75" | THICKNESS: 2.75"

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