Video: Tanner Hendrickson in Mentawais

This video from Fox Surf of Tanner Hendrickson ripping in the Mentawais has been a round for a while on the webs. We figured it would be good to be on the site as well. Enjoy.

Video: Alex Ribeiro

Alex Ribeiro, Brazilian Xanadu team rider talks about ( in Portuguese ) and rips on the popular mid wave performance Xank Model.

Video: Skip McCullough

Skip McCullough putting a few Xanadu models to test, shredding in small fun size waves and charging into overhead bombs.

Brian Conley’s Mex Pipe 2015 Ride of the Year Entry

Brian Conley stepping off and setting levels with this 2015 Billabong Ride of the Year Entry.
Good luck Brian on landing the XXL Big Wave Award!

Board Discussion: Moskah

Posts your comments about the board, ‘Moskah’. Ask questions about the new high performance shape from Xanadu Surf Designs for 2015.


Heritage Heat featuring Brad Gerlach and Martin Potter

In the late 80s, Brad Gerlach – Xanadu Team Rider at the time, was competing for the World Title.
One his biggest competitive rivals of the time was Martin Potter.
Watch the interview on aspworldtour.com, and watch the Gerr and Pottz compete again at Trestles during the Hurley Pro in the inaugural Heritage Series Matchup.


Xanadu still offers a couple models that are similar to the shapes ridden in the late 80s and early 90s. The Flashback and SW 15. Check them out, and put in a custom order!