Tanner Hendrickson on his X16

Here is a quick clip of Tanner Hendrickson throwing around his X16. For more info about the X16 Model, click here.


Click image to view video.

Brian Conley: Spanish Blues Video

Hello Xanadu,
Here is a new video out online from the past year. hope you like it. The boards are working great!


To watch the video on the Six Magazine website, click here.
To view the Spanish Blues video on Vimeo, click here.

Hans Hagen: Surfing the Globe

Hans Hagen, Xanadu team rider and longtime friend just posted a video of him surfing around the world. Riding a bunch of different Xanadu models, Hans puts each to the test in great surf.

Surf locations: Bali, Rockpile, New Zealand, Salt Creek, Crystal Cove, Sunset Beach, Hawaii, Oahu, Pipeline, Pupukea

Board Discussion: Moby

Posts your comments about the board, ‘MOBY’. Ask questions about the new small wave performance shape from Xanadu Surf Designs for 2014.



Lotus Model for Sli Dawg

Sli Dawg, longtime friend of Xanadu, whom also has a longboard model designed and named after him ( The Sli Dawg ), ordered a new Lotus Model! The Lotus Model is a favorite amongst our loyal riders who want to ride a board that will work in most conditions, similarly found in Southern California. If you want to go fast in high tide beach breaks or down the line point breaks, the Lotus is choice.


Board Discussion: HMB Model

Xanadu Surf Designs just created a new small wave magnet! View and post your comments about the board, ‘HMB’.

View more info about the HMB Model.

HMB Surfboard Model