Video: 2016 Tracks Ride Guide Featuring the Xanadu Viper Model Ridden by Cahill Bell Warren

Tracks Magazine featured Cahill Warren riding a Xanadu Viper in the lastest 2016 Tracks Guide Video series. Cahill breaks down the characteristics of the board based on him surfing it in some pretty sick conditions.


Video: Xanadu Rider Skip McCullough in Brixton Fall 2016 Video Part

Brixton released a new video part featuring Xanadu rider, Skip McCullough surfing in Mexico, California, Indonesia, and Hawaii. This video really shows the raw talent Skip has in a range of conditions. Skip is riding Xanadu guns, high performance shortboards, and mid wave performance shortboards.

Brixton's Skip McCullough Fall 2016.

Caio Ibelli at Winkipop Featured on surfline.com

Check out Xanadu rider, Caio Ibelli in a video feature on surfline.com putting his Xanadu’s to work in rippable waves at Winkipop.

Click here to watch.



Video: Flow Rider Matt Lewis

Xanadu flow rider Matt Lewis has an edit out filmed and edited by Brian Baucum. Give it a watch, and if you have any questions about the boards he is riding, hit up Xanadu direct at surfxanadu2@gmail.com.

matt lewis from Brian Baucum on Vimeo.

VIDEO: Skip McCullough – Brixton Union in El Salvador

Brixton released a video featuring Xanadu rider Skip McCullough, Troy Elmore, Jesse Guglielmana, Tanner Rozunko & Matty Glenn surfing quality waves in El Salvador. Give it a look.. also, check out the Brixton blog for more photos from the trip.

Brixton Union in El Salvador from BRIXTON on Vimeo.


Caio Ibelli ‘Clutch Performance’

Starting to see more interesting content popping up on the WSL website. For example, they posted a video where Ross Williams and Ronnie dissect the air Caio did that led him to win the heat against Jon Jon. Click here or the image below to view the video on the WSL website. Great work Caio! Best of luck making it to the finals!